How to get a smart home set up under Rs 30K

Your guide to setting up a smart homeGetty Images
Your guide to setting up a smart home
With technology enhancing our lifestyles by leaps and bounds, it is not just our TVs and phones that are smart. Even your home could have the smart set-up. What's better! A smart home no longer requires an elaborate system, thanks to the increasing number of IOT devices available today. You can now get a smart home set up under Rs 30,000, with these devices.
Home security camerasET Online
Home security cameras
Price: Rs 1,645 onwards

While setting up a CCTV system can be expensive for homes, it’s easier to set up individual security cameras. There are options available from Mi and Yi with different features that don’t require complicated set ups—just plug them on, confi gure the WiFi and it's done. You can then access live stream from the security camera on your smartphone or store the recordings on a memory card. A few variants also offer two-way communication with built-in mic and speaker.
Smart speakersET Online
Smart speakers
Price: Rs 3,999 onwards

A smart speaker can be the heart of your home automation set up. You can either get the Google Home or Amazon Echo—both support usage with compatible smart devices for voice command control. However, we recommend investing in the Amazon Echo Plus, as it has a built-in smart home hub which enables it to control the majority of smart home devices with voice commands. These include smart lights, fans, plugs and remotes. You can even set a routine with the Echo Plus—lights will automatically switch off at a set time in the morning and your coffee would start brewing if connected to a smart switch.
​Smart plugsET Online
​Smart plugs
Price: Rs 1,999 onwards

A smart plug connects to your existing socket to add smart control functionality for any connected device. You can connect any home appliance such as coffee machine, air conditioner, lamp, fan, etc. to a smart plug and then switch it on/off remotely via an app or through voice commands. In India there are a few options available for smart plugs—brands like Oakter, Syska, TP-link, Anchor by Panasonic, Picostone and Wipro. Remember that you will have to get seperate plugs for each appliance you want to connect.
​Smart lightsET Online
​Smart lights
Price: Rs 699 onwards

There are a number of brands in India that offer connected smart bulbs. Since they are connected, not only can you switch them on/off with voice commands or an app, some of them even let you control the brightness, colour output and schedule on/off. You can opt for any known brand such as Syska, Mi, Wipro, Philips, TP-link etc, without worrying about the performance.
​Connected switch boardsET Online
​Connected switch boards
Price: Rs 2,499 onwards

If you don’t want to use a smart speaker and would prefer a touch panel for controlling your devices, you can invest in a connected switch. Some of the options available today such as Goldmedal i-Touch WiFi switch, Pert, Hogar Prima+, Atom8, Switch8 and Smarteefi smart switch board let you retrofit the panel with existing wiring. This way there is no reconstruction required. Once set up, you can control the appliances connected with the switch via an app remotely.
Smart TVET Online
Smart TV
Price: Rs 9,999 onwards

Smart TVs are a norm nowadays. You can add your compatible smart TV to your smart speaker and control it. However, not all smart TVs are same. We recommend an Android smart TV that is Google certifi ed as this gives you the advantage of built-in Google assistant for voice control. In case you don’t have a smart TV, you can make a TV smart by purchasing the Google ChromeCast dongle or the Amazon Fire Stick.
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