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South India Paper Mills Ltd.

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SIP Industries Ltd.

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    • The mutual fund industry received an average SIP flow of Rs 8,190 crore during the January-November period. In total, the figure stood at R...

      02 Jan, 2020, 04:51AM IST
    • Of course, most mutual fund managers and advisors ask investors to follow the `SIP it, forget it’ strategy, borrowed from the advertisement...

      15 Nov, 2019, 05:44AM IST
    • Sebi has directed AMCs to build a system control at the account set up stage of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), Systematic Transfer Plan ...

      26 Dec, 2019, 10:42AM IST
    • The first instalment is fixed by the investor and the subsequent instalments are calculated according to a particular formula to invest mor...

      03 Oct, 2019, 01:11PM IST
    • It allows you to invest in multiple schemes of a fund house through a single instrument and is a great way to build a diversified portfolio...

      03 Oct, 2019, 01:12PM IST
    • There is no end date. But the investor has the option to redeem the fund at a time of his choice.

      03 Oct, 2019, 01:12PM IST
    • One of the best way to safeguard yourself from stock market volatility is by shifting the focus towards mutual funds (MFs). Not only will i...

      25 Oct, 2019, 12:50PM IST
    • Most of the ups and downs in key benchmark indices are point-to-point returns. That means the data doesn’t capture your periodic investment...

      29 Oct, 2019, 06:46AM IST
    • A bundle of free life cover along with regular disciplined investment. (Content courtesy Centre for Investment Education and Learning (CIEL...

      03 Oct, 2019, 01:12PM IST
    • The first instalment is fixed, and incremental amount and frequency of the increment is pre-decided, so the investment amount automatically...

      03 Oct, 2019, 01:11PM IST
    • Flexi SIPs can be registered typically for a minimum period as prescribed by the fund house and can have a maximum period of 3 to 5 years t...

      21 Aug, 2019, 11:55AM IST
    • Every month, the amount of SIP to be invested will be determined as the higher of the two: Fixed Instalment amount. Amount arrived by flexi...

      21 Aug, 2019, 11:57AM IST
    • Well, investing via SIPs is not restricted only to equity mutual funds, you can invest through SIP in debt funds and direct stocks as well....

      03 Sep, 2019, 09:08AM IST
    • The investor needs to access the mutual fund website and fill up the online i-SIP form. Personal details such as PAN, bank account number, ...

      20 Sep, 2019, 12:24PM IST
    • As we said earlier, investors already know the efficacy of SIPs in wealth creation. Between April 2016 – when the Association of Mutual Fun...

      27 Aug, 2019, 12:18PM IST
    • The bleak economic scenario and absence of any firm action plans from the central government is keeping the stock market in tenterhooks. Ma...

      23 Aug, 2019, 05:53AM IST
    • A systematic investment plan (SIP) allows you to invest fixed amounts at regular intervals in a mutual fund scheme. One variant is flex or ...

      21 Aug, 2019, 11:54AM IST
    • An i-SIP is an online and secure facility of setting up a systematic investment instruction in MF schemes. It can be used by existing and n...

      20 Sep, 2019, 12:18PM IST
    • A comparison between a regular SIP and a top-up SIP – assuming a monthly investment of Rs 5,000 - in CRISIL-AMFI Equity Fund Performance In...

      27 Aug, 2019, 12:22PM IST
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