Blue Yonder’s Luminate: A Digital Supply Chain Platform that is helping Indian companies succeed

In India, Blue Yonder started its operation in January 2010 with the acquisition of i2 Technologies, a leader in manufacturing, supply chain, retail, and transportation solutions. This acquisition brought together two market leaders, resulting in ...

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Today’s omni-channel, customer-centric world means delivering what customers want, when and how they want it. With the world’s supply chains delivering life’s essentials: food, water, clothing, and medicine, businesses are looking to minimise the impact to the supply chain, ensuring critical supplies get to those who need them the most, on time. The key to delivering these experiences starts with connecting every aspect of your supply chain, from planning to execution. By integrating assets, businesses can gain the real-time visibility needed to predict and pivot when the market demands it.

To be competitive, companies need a digital fulfilment platform that is connected, comprehensive and instantaneous. Blue Yonder is the world leader in digital supply chain and omni-channel commerce fulfilment, enabling companies to better predict and pivot to fulfil customer demand quickly. The company’s solutions have enabled more than 3,000 companies globally to make smarter, faster business and commerce decisions to deliver more growth, profitability and reimagined customer experiences. Customers include 73 of the top 100 retailers and 8 of the top 10 3PLs in the world. With a global reach of 40+ locations and more than 5,500 associates, the company is a leader in all four Gartner supply chain magic quadrants.

LuminateTM Platform

Blue Yonder’s Luminate Platform is a cloud-based digital ecosystem, delivered through a SaaS model, that provides the integration, intelligence, visibility and control needed to deliver comprehensive solution suite capabilities anytime, anywhere. It leverages industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities to provide synchronised business planning, execution, delivery and labour solutions to optimise your business and people end-to-end.

By unifying your supply network on Luminate Platform, you can better predict, prevent and resolve disruptions across your entire business, then deliver the fastest, most cost-effective and most strategic response. Luminate Platform integrates and synchronises forecasting, fulfilment, warehousing, transportation, labour and delivery across multiple channels, reducing the latency and inefficiencies created by disjointed systems.

Performing on Microsoft Azure Cloud, it delivers seamless integration with proprietary and third-party applications via MuleSoft, extending and scaling supply chain management capabilities to support your business growth. From a digital control tower to the expert application of cloud, AI, ML, data management, analytics, application programming interfaces (APIs) and the Internet of Things (IoT), Luminate Platform powers an improved user experience and re-orchestrated workflows across your entire supply network.

Supply Chain 4.0 or Autonomous Supply Chain
Supply Chain 4.0 – autonomous planning and scheduling – is the future. The company’s vision is the Autonomous Supply Chain – a supply chain that is self-learning, self-healing and self-driving. From a supply chain standpoint, this means a single system of truth and a single pane of glass and an ecosystem that provides the support for businesses to innovate. To deliver this vision, Blue Yonder set out to accelerate key capabilities through an infusion of advanced, intelligent cloud platform capabilities.

The company has a four-stage approach to autonomous supply chain planning and execution. This approach is visualized in an end-to-end manner by applying AI/ML technology that leverages algorithms to sense demand accurately, drive consensus planning, improve forecast accuracy, cater to dynamic supply planning, and provide intelligent foresights to manufacturing operations to drive a close loop PDCA process.

A holistic Digital Transformation journey towards adoption of Supply Chain 4.0 or Autonomous Supply Chain model would fundamentally entail 4 key stages of maturity

Four_Key_Stages_to_Autonomous_Supply_Chain (2)

Blue Yonder’s Presence in India In India, Blue Yonder started its operation in January 2010 with the acquisition of i2 Technologies, a leader in manufacturing, supply chain, retail, and transportation solutions. This acquisition brought together two market leaders, resulting in Blue Yonder’s ability to provide the most comprehensive, integrated supply chain offering, spanning from materials to the consumer.

In India and abroad, Blue Yonder has always been a leader in providing supply chain solutions to the manufacturing sector, be it cement, automobile or consumer goods. Blue Yonder’s customers showcasing the company’s strength in India and globally includes:
  1. World’s No.1 and Top 3 cement producers in India to manage their supply chain.
  2. World’s largest tractor manufacturer for demand and inventory planning.
  3. India’s largest paint manufacturer to reduce production cost and lost sales.
  4. World’s No.1 TV manufacturer for sales planning and transportation management.

Read Blue Yonder’s digital magazine for manufacturing to learn more about the industry outlook and Blue Yonder’s solution and services.

Contributed by: Guru Ananthanarayanan , Sr-Director & Head- India Automotive & Manufacturing Sectors, Blue Yonder India Pvt Ltd.
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