Work from home: How Corporate India is securing itself from cyber attacks

By Shelley Singh, ET Bureau | Updated May 24, 2020, 12.05PM IST

Just a few days into lockdown 1.0, Prateek Mishra got a call from the human resources (HR) and tech teams of his Gurgaon-based analytics firm, which works for global clients, including banks and insurance companies. The HR updated him on the best practices of work from home, and the latter, without much by way of explanation, blocked VPN access and

as a long-term strategy. They will have to take a hard look at consumer-grade networks with niggles like low bandwidth, more vulnerabilities and high risks of cyberattacks. And the more employees are allowed to work from homes, the more will be the risks of virus attacks crippling systems. Companies will have to carefully calibrate the opportunity and eliminate the risks.

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