Things that were lost amid India's fast-paced workplace makeover

By Malini Goyal, ET Bureau | Updated June 28, 2020, 10.06AM IST

Not too long ago, immersive technologies were all the buzz. They were supposed to revolutionise entertainment, gaming and a lot more. Holographic humans were to substitute real ones. Typically, these technologies belonged to the world of wonder, driven mostly by well-heeled consumers wanting to infuse some thrill in their regular experiences. Now, the pandemic has made the virtual real

Poor connectivity and bandwidth problems are creating hurdles. Some procedures can be difficult for shareholders who are technologically challenged. They mourn the end of an era. In real-life AGMs, at times shareholders would liven up the event by singing songs or reciting couplets for their favourite chairperson (Ratan Tata was a recipient of many such encomiums). All that’s over.

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