Google trends during the lockdown

​What are people searching on Google?Getty Images
​What are people searching on Google?
Even as the pandemic sinks its claws into the world, the collateral damage from the virus only seems to be catching up with us. Trends show people struggling with issues ranging from abuse to mental health are coming to the forefront, especially with nowhere to go in a lockdown.
Global trendsGetty Images
Global trends
The first resort for most people, Google search trends have been a massive stick of measurement and help map global trends and in turn paint a picture of what the world is feeling.
​StressGetty Images
With people stuck in their houses, it seems like many are in unfavourable situations with searches related to the word stress increasing since the lockdown.
​TherapyGetty Images
And with major amounts of time to think, it seems people are opting to take the logical route and go for therapy as many places have also begun offering online therapy sessions.
​RecipesGetty Images
And while some see doctors, some are opting to deal with their problems by cooking them away, even as trends like the Dalgona coffee and baking take kitchens by storm.
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