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Wackiest whispers & murmurs in corporate corridors

Wackiest whispers & murmurs in corporate corridorsBCCL
Wackiest whispers & murmurs in corporate corridors
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Who said fat-cat lawyers don’t need to let their hair down and bond with colleagues over some GNT? With a long weekend break thanks to a mid-week Janmashtami, legal ace Zia Mody planned a mega bash in Goa last week for her senior partners, many of whom have joined her recently. With a massive churn among lawyers it makes sense to keep the flock together for some fun and games by the sea. Vindaloo or prawn Xacuti anyone?
Marathon ManBCCL
Marathon Man
Anil Ambani is a high-profile marathoner. So are Anand Mahindra and TCS Chief Executive Natarajan Chandrasekaran as well. The marathon bug has indeed bitten many of our business leaders. We were pleasantly surprised to find that even shipping tycoon Ravi Sheth is a running freak. Recently he was in Moscow participating in a marathon. Be it shipping or long-distance endurance tests, it’s the slow and steady who wins the race.
Give me RedBCCL
Give me Red
You may be a hardcore fan of the willow but even you would have noticed that a certain cricket fatigue has set in. Savvy sponsors too have taken note. After technology companies, even legacy backers of the sport such as MRF are diversifying their marketing spends. The familiar red in stadia signage of the storied tyre maker seem set to make a big splash in this English Premier League season. With the Red Devils in blazing form, the colour is indeed most apt to paint the town, or shall we say the league?
Marque AddressBCCL
Marque Address
An address in the Lutyens’ Bungalow Zone is one of the most sought-after vanity projects for the rich and famous. Ever since arms dealer Suresh Nanda put his Claridges Hotel in the capital up for sale, many a billionaire has been approached by the intermediates to have a look at the property that comes with a Rs 1,000 crore plus price tag and additional floor space index. We hear that one of Delhi’s most influential businessmen, who also dabbles in real estate, is keen to morph it into his plush personal office.
Losing a BuddyBCCL
Losing a Buddy
It’s been a sad weekend at the GVK household since scion Keshav Reddy lost his 14-year-old canine buddy Snoopy. Reddy, 23, who got engaged to his girlfriend Veena earlier this month, took to social media to express his loss. Condolences have been pouring in.
Tee off to TokyoBCCL
Tee off to Tokyo
Parth Jindal, heir to the JSW Group of companies, is a man in a hurry. Back with his dad from their Olympics outing at Rio, he is already planning for Tokyo in his quest for gold. Jindals have backed several sportsmen in recent times but for JSW Sports the target now will be sky high. He is aiming for 200 athletes and 10 medals for India, & has given a clarion call to others to join and support the cause.
What’s in a Name?BCCL
What’s in a Name?
What is the best way to secure court injunctions? Dogged law firms representing deep-pocketed corporates are discovering new tricks. They often name respondents in ways that conceal their identity and manage to get an ex parte order. For instance, a P Roy or a D Khatri may do the trick. With the respondent addressed vaguely, companies stand the risk of getting no clue as to what really went wrong or who actually raised the red flag. All that hapless companies can do is press more lawyers to keep a vigil on the reams of daily cause lists.
Heard in the ElevatorBCCL
Heard in the Elevator
Elevator conversations can be awkward, but sometimes they reveal how companies work. Three employees working at an app company owned by a business czar’s son were recently overheard discussing devices used to test the app on. “Oh, has your screen also gone bad?” asked one. When responded to in the affirmative, he told his colleague, “It’s okay, they’re getting a lot more of these Moto G’s for testing.” It is well known that their boss and app founder is a big fan of this device series and has been known to keep them as secondary devices because they give a good sense of the kind of phones most of India uses.
Pricey Sample FlatBCCL
Pricey Sample Flat
An industrialist, who sold off his drug business at an astronomical sum and is now trying to build a financial service empire, has a taste for real estate primarily due to his experience of running textile mills. The businessman who built the first Mumbai business park over his textile mill is now testing the real estate market driven by his son. Apparently he is fuming as the son has built an expensive sample flat in his business park.
Lost in the ProposalBCCL
Lost in the Proposal
The business circles were taken by surprise at the news of a mobile telephony merger. A Swiss investment bank, leader to a British telephony company, had taken the proposal rejected by the proposed seller in June. Two months later an American investment bank took the proposal to the seller, who promised to respond in a few weeks. Now we hear the bankers have made the pitches, but the companies in question are yet to meet to seal the deal.
On Guard at Bombay HouseBCCL
On Guard at Bombay House
The headquarters of the diversified Tata Group is guarded by well-built security chiefs. But Bombay House, one of Mumbai’s oldest buildings, is also under the surveillance of four canines. There is Sheba, two males called Blackie and Goa, and a puppy Goa brought in from the land of beaches. It seems chairman Cyrus Mistry is following his predecessor Ratan Tata’s legacy of keeping canines at Bombay House.
Making way for a New LeaderBCCL
Making way for a New Leader
At the recent Dubai offsite of a leading white-shoe consulting firm, the consultants while sipping Mai Tai’s weren’t comparing shopping lists or discussing the grandeur of Burj Khalifa. They were instead discussing in hushed tones the stepping down of the managing partner, who is apparently not getting a second term because the HQ is not happy with the growth and profitability numbers, and a large number of exits haven’t made things easier for him either. The Asia chief has been dropping by frequently and even the global chief will be in town in a couple of months to take a call on the new leader. Among the names being discussed are the senior most director, who is pally with the big promoters of India Inc and another director who leads the firm’s leadership institute. But going by the firm’s track record, a young director could also be brought in.
What Price Regular Table?BCCL
What Price Regular Table?
A young son of a leading industrialist was having a nice evening at an upscale pub in Mumbai when his evening was disrupted by an intruder, a local builder known to build affordable houses for hutment dwellers. The builder, a regular at the pub in the evening, requested the son and his friends if he could occupy his regular table in return for paying the evening bill. The son of the industrialist politely said he would pay the builder’s bill for the month rather than vacate the table.
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