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Most Indians are still susceptible to COVID-19

Pandemic problemsBCCL - Non Copyright
Pandemic problems
Since the start of the year, the coronavirus has been all-pervasive, freezing global economies and keeping people home, but the threat of the virus remains potent, even after half a year has passed.
Rising casesBCCL - Non Copyright
Rising cases
With India registering more than 90,000 new cases every day for the past few weeks, the situation has not improved, made much worse by the fact that most of the population is still susceptible to catching the virus.
Sero surveyBCCL - Non Copyright
Sero survey
A nationwide sero survey published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research found that 0.73 percent of Indian adults - just over 60 lakh - were infected with the virus by May.
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Low percentages
The 0.73% figure means that India is still only in the early stages of the pandemic, with millions of Indians still susceptible to the coronavirus, due to the slow spread.
Immunity herd-leReuters
Immunity herd-le
India’s aims of achieving herd immunity look bleaker, with the country not even hitting it’s infection peak - according to the sero survey - it would be hard to pin a date on the end of the pandemic for India.
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