IIT Delhi start-up develops affordable ‘Kawach’ mask to protect from COVID-19

New Delhi, Apr 19 (ANI): While India is busy battling the COVID-19 pandemic, an assistant professor at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi and his start up ETEX has developed an affordable alternative ‘Kawach’ which is at par with N95 mask. Professor Bipin Kumar claims ‘Kawach’ has the efficiency of 98% with 3 micron particle size which is priced at only Rs 45 for one piece. He added that it is necessary because the country is facing tremendous challenges in many fronts, one of them being how to maximise protection of its citizens. Being from the only textile department across all IITs in India, Kumar highlighted that with his effort, the fight against coronavirus will help doctors and the government as well. Professor Kumar also hopes to bring the price down lower than Rs 45 depending on raw material pricing which he suggest will come down soon. The team is also working on a prototype of masks that are washable and can be used at least 10 times.
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