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Fire at Bengaluru's most polluted lake tamed

Fire at Bellandur lakeBCCL
Fire at Bellandur lake
A massive fire broke out in Bengaluru's Bellandur lake, prompting the state to deploy army personnel to control the raging fire.
Cloud of smoke seen from a distanceBCCL
Cloud of smoke seen from a distance
A thick smoke spiral was seen rising into the sky as authoritites battled to put an end to the fire.
A raging fireBCCL
A raging fire
The fire created a panic among city dwellers who could see it spreading to the lake's surrounding areas. The situation was, however, controlled soon enough and without any severe damages.
A frothy affairBCCL
A frothy affair
The Bellandur lake is one of the most polluted lakes in the city and is known to produce a vast expanse of highly toxic white froth, especially during the rains.
Weeding it outBCCL
Weeding it out
Authorities have been trying to clean the lake by using sprinklers to control the froth and checking weed growth in and around the lake. All these measures are yet to pay off.
Sprinkler treatmentBCCL
Sprinkler treatment
In August 2017, the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) used 26 sprinklers in a bid to make the lake froth-free.
Why so polluted?BCCL
Why so polluted?
One major factor behind the lake's high toxic levels is that it is a recipient of a large amount of pollutants. While dumping in nearby areas is certainly a factor, the large volume of untreated sewage going into several water bodies like the Bellandur lake is the primary factor depleting water quality.
The 'poisoned' lakeBCCL
The 'poisoned' lake
The water quality is so bad that thousands of fish in Bengaluru's lakes reportedly die in the city. Bodies of these dead fish are seen floating on the lake or around the bank.
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