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Delhi drops COVID-19 notices due to stigma

Marking territoryBCCL - Non Copyright
Marking territory
In the initial days of the COVID-19 pandemic, authorities across the country set in place various measures to contact trace and ensure isolation - one of which was sticking notices outside infected homes to avoid accidental infections
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But, marking people’s homes ended up marking them for shame and stigma too, with multiple reports over the months of people being treated with hostility due to the very public marker.
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In hiding
The notices also had another effect - people who did show symptoms didn’t get tested, out of fear of the ensuing stigma, making matters much worse for the city.
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In light of this information, and keeping in mind that most people are now aware of how the virus functions and are more careful, the city has decided to stop issuing notices, instead hoping to instil confidence in people to test themselves.
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Not just Delhi but the state of Uttar Pradesh has also stopped the notices outside people’s homes, however, the practice continues in Mumbai - India’s worst affected city.
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