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Chores and childcare: Women bear the brunt in lockdown

Pandemic brings new woesReuters
Pandemic brings new woes
With the entire world on pause and families stuck at home the onus of chores and childcare is being borne by women, some of whom are even juggling work with everything else.
Age-old taleAFP
Age-old tale
Based on surveys by the Boston Consulting Group, in households with children, women do more than a third of the work as compared to men, spending 65 hours a week on unpaid chores alone.
Cultural shift on the cardsANI
Cultural shift on the cards
Societal systems function primarily on the basis of women doing all of the household chores, a status quo that needs to change, and soon. According to experts, this crisis is pushing them to a point that's simply unsustainable.
The household shiftBCCL - Non Copyright
The household shift
The issues don’t end there, a host of other problems including increased domestic violence and lower wages on top of which women are being forced to take up extra duties due to the pandemic.
Dynamic unchangedAP
Dynamic unchanged
Despite men also being locked up with their families, surveys found that women are still taking up extra burden from the pandemic, including childcare.
Side effectsReuters
Side effects
About two thirds of women are now worried about their mental well-being due to the excessive work on their plates now.
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