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Rwanda installs portable washbasins at bus stops to contain Covid-19

​Rwanda's innovative method to contain Covid-19Reuters
​Rwanda's innovative method to contain Covid-19
Amid rising cases of COVID-19 across the world, Rwanda has come up with an innovative method to prevent the deadly virus from spreading in the African nation.
​Portable washbasins at bus stopsReuters
​Portable washbasins at bus stops
The government has deployed portable washbasins at bus stops to ensure passengers wash their hand before boarding buses.

In pic: A passenger washes his hands at a public hand washing station before boarding a bus as a cautionary measure against the coronavirus at Nyabugogo Bus Park in Kigali, Rwanda.
​Rwanda's first coronavirus caseGetty Images
​Rwanda's first coronavirus case
Rwanda's first coronavirus case is an Indian who travelled there from Mumbai. The Indian citizen arrived from Mumbai on March 8.

The patient had no symptoms upon arrival in Rwanda and reported himself to a health facility on March 13, where he was immediately tested. He is currently under treatment in stable condition, isolated from others.
​Boarding public transport?AFP
​Boarding public transport?
Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, has mandated that everyone must wash their hands before boarding public transport.
​​Portable sinks and hand sanitizersAFP
​​Portable sinks and hand sanitizers
The government has flooded its capital Kigali, with portable sinks and hand sanitizers almost at every public space — churches, restaurants, banks and shops.
​Avoiding contaminationReuters
​Avoiding contamination
And to avoid contamination, they have installed foot-pedals to bring water to the taps instead of using hands.
​Good initiativeReuters
​Good initiative
However, some said it’s a good initiative but might not be very practical as the tanks needs to be emptied and refilled regularly.
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