Amid rising COVID-19 cases, US corporates extend work from home facility

Corporate making their own rulesAFP
Corporate making their own rules
Amid the surge in coronavirus cases, Google has announced that its employees will not be returning to the office until July 2021, The Washington Post reported.

The decision shows that though US President Donald Trump has been pushing for re-opening of the economy, the corporate sector is making their own rules with regard to following norms aimed at preventing further spread of coronavirus cases.
Google: Work from home till July 2021AP
Google: Work from home till July 2021
The Wall Street Journal first reported that Google's decision has pushed Alphabet, its parent company, to delay the comeback of its employees into the second half of next year.

The decision was reportedly influenced by different approaches to schools reopening across the country. Google Chief Executive Sunad Pichai announced a new timetable in a companywide email to "give employees the ability to plan ahead," according to the Post.

Facebook: Most employees at home till 2020Reuters
Facebook: Most employees at home till 2020
Similarly, Facebook has planned to keep its 48,000 employees at home till the end of the year though CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly said in May that he expects half of the employees to permanently transit to remote work in the next decade.
Others follow the same trendReuters
Others follow the same trend
While Snap has extended its work from home timeline from September to January, Amazon's corporate employees might go on working from home throughout 2020.

As businesses and political leaders are eagerly waiting for a vaccine, it is highly likely that most firms would soon follow the footsteps of Google and make such decisions in the days to come.
​Long way to vaccineAP
​Long way to vaccine
The Washington Post reported that Monday was a milestone as large-scale clinical trials launching to gauge the effectiveness and safety of biotech firm Moderna's vaccine candidate but inoculations are months away even with the accelerated timeline. However, public health experts believe that the broadly accessible vaccinations will not be available until December or even till spring 2021.
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