Silver linings: How companies are identifying islands of opportunities in the ocean of Covid chaos

By Shantanu Nandan Sharma, Suman Layak and Malini Goyal, ET Bureau | Updated May 31, 2020, 11.05AM IST

Pankaj Munjal, managing director of Hero Cycles, is charting a counter-intuitive path. He has started operating all eight of his factories in Ludhiana in full steam, even though only 30-40% of his dealers have reopened for business. He is, in fact, keen to pedal faster, having despatched an executive to Bihar to persuade his factory workers to return at the

base. But that won't be adequate. India as a nation must place itself strategically in this new world order. Suresh Prabhu, prime minister's sherpa for G-20 and former Union commerce minister, agrees: "There will be opportunity for India globally. But India needs to align itself geo-politically and geo-economically to get mileage out of it." (Additional inputs from Shelley Singh)

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