Mutual funds collect Rs 8,064 crore via SIP in January

Retail investors continue to pour in money in mutual funds through SIP.

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Retail investors continue to pour in money in mutual funds through SIP. Mutual funds received Rs 8,064 crore of its assets through SIP in January 2019, 21 per cent higher year-on-year, shows data from Amfi. Mutual funds collected Rs 8,022 crore through SIPs in November.

"Despite acute market volatility owing to credit events and global uncertainty, retail investors continue to repose their faith in the India growth story. This is quite evident from the SIP flows and folio numbers, which continue to rise sequentially," says N S Venkatesh, CEO, AMFI.

Mutual funds have currently about 2.57 crore (25.7 million) SIP accounts through which investors regularly invest in the schemes.

Systematic Investment Plan, or SIP as it is commonly known, is an investment plan (methodology) offered by mutual funds. It allows investors to invest a fixed amount periodically, say, once a month, instead of making a lumpsum investment. The SIP installment amount could be as small as Rs 500 per month. SIP is similar to a recurring deposit where you deposit a small /fixed amount every month.

SIP is a very convenient method of investing in mutual funds through standing instructions to debit your bank account every month, without the hassle of having to write out a cheque each time.

SIP has been gaining popularity among mutual fund investors, as it helps in rupee cost averaging and also in investing in a disciplined manner without worrying about market volatility and timing the market.

AMFI data shows that the MF industry had added about 9.31 lakh SIP accounts each month on an average during the FY 2018-19, with an average SIP size of about Rs 3,150 per SIP account. See table below for month-wise amount collection.

Month SIP Contribution (Rs crore)
2018-19 2017-18 2016-17
Total during FY 76,543 67,190 43,921
March 7,119 4,335
February 6,425 4,050
January 8,064 6,644 4,095
December 8,022 6,222 3,973
November 7,985 5,893 3,884
October 7,985 5,621 3,434
September 7,727 5,516 3,698
August 7,658 5,206 3,497
July 7,554 4,947 3,334
Jun 7,554 4,744 3,310
May 7,304 4,584 3,189
April 6,690 4,269 3,122
Source: Amfi


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