Stop Using Your Bed For Work. 5 Tips To Create The Right WFH Space

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Work-From-Home Mode: ON
Since working from home is the new norm, its best to get it right. Rhea Khurrana, Founder of Re | Arrange, shares her easy tips on how to make sure your work space helps you get into office mode.
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Say No To Bed
One of the most important things would be to avoid using your bed as it’s easier to slip into a lazy mode. Instead try and find a small nook/corner where you can sit up and work. Decorate the space in a way that would look like your work desk so you feel the same energy as you would get from sitting on your office desk. This could be anything such as your pen stand at work, etc.
When Bed Is The Only OptioniStock
When Bed Is The Only Option
If you have no option but to use your bed or if you are someone who loves working from your bed, it’s important to have some sort of a table. This could be in the form of a movable folding tray, trolley, side table, etc. This would keep your alignment right during work and give your some form of formality.
Smart FurnitureiStock
Smart Furniture
If you do not want to occupy too much space in your room with a table, make use of a floating table that you can pull in and out as and when required. This is ideal for the work from home feel and you can keep customising it as per your frame of mind.
Light UpiStock
Light Up
Placing the home desk near a window is also great to get sufficient natural light for warmth and positivity. It really helps in productivity. Keeping planters and essence on the desk also improves the concentration and focus while working.
Close At HandiStock
Close At Hand
Lastly, it’s important to ensure all your supplies are accessible to you. This can be done by placing all the work stuff together on a shelf or using a vertical storage method.
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