Redefining the television as we know it - The Frame by Samsung

The Frame TV from Samsung brings the latest and greatest the brand has to offer in terms of technology - the Quantum Dot Technology which gives you 100% Colour volume.

ET Spotlight
ET Spotlight
In a world where smartphones have become a major source of entertainment for many, television needs to do more! In 2020, not only does a television give you an immersive experience of watching your favourite content on a big screen, but it also manages to bring back the quintessential ‘family-time’ with new shows and movies to watch & binge on every evening. However, what happens when the TV is turned off? Does it transform into just another piece of furniture in your living room? If you say yes, then there’s a good chance you need to upgrade your television. And if you are out in the market to buy a new TV, chances are you will come across products that look the same. That’s because, the television market right now is saturated with similar looking products - but Samsung has a plan to revive the market with a Television like none other in the market right now.

The brand’s latest television is a one of a kind QLED TV called The Frame. And it is truly a work of art. While other televisions, when turned off, become a black slab of nothingness, The Frame can display art pieces from all over the world. Essentially, The Frame has two modes - a regular TV mode, where you will get regular TV functionalities and then there’s the ‘ Art Mode’. When The Frame is turned off, it turns into a work of art.


How is this possible?
Thanks to Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, The Frame shows you realistic colours, no matter how bright or dark the scene gets. With such a piece of technology in your living room, you can now enjoy your content and famous works of art, as seen in a gallery with true-to-life 100% Colour Volume and the bold contrast of Dual LED. No matter the angle, you get incredible detail and texture. And this technology makes the movies & shows come to life in every scene. The Frame will make you experience truly amazing things.

List of outstanding features
The Frame TV from Samsung brings the latest and greatest the brand has to offer in terms of technology - the Quantum Dot Technology which gives you 100% Colour volume. The TV has one-of-a-kind Quantum Processor 4K which can upscale content to 4K resolution. This opens up a new world of content as now you can enjoy even non-4K pictures in 4K. Oftentimes, be it the natural or the artificial, light falling on the TV screen can take away from the immersive experience watching content. This television packs features like Adaptive Picture which changes picture basis ambient light. What this means is that the panel can actively adapt to the viewing environment by automatically adjusting the brightness giving you the perfect output, no matter what time of day you’re watching. Another great feature of The Frame is that it can sense ambient noise in your room and adjust the volume in real-time - thanks to its Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) feature.

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Brains behind The Frame
Frame TV comes with Quantum Dots. These are inorganic materials that consistently provide bright and vivid image quality for years. This means the display doesn’t burn-out with time, and the amazing colours and details you see today will stay the same over time. In comparison, a regular TV will tend to fade after a couple of years, but The Frame by Samsung being a meticulously designed product will retain the vivid colours for years!

The Art Mode

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Having such a fantastic yet subtle feature on your TV will make you want to watch it even when it’s off. Art Mode elegantly exhibits your personal art collection in a way that matches your style and enhances your space. The Frame learns your style and taste and recommends art pieces accordingly. This TV is also equipped with Motion Sensor technology, which can detect when you leave the room and turns Art Mode off to save energy. And when you enter the room again Motion Sensor makes the art come alive.


Samsung has already added the beauty of a distinguished art collection into your living room. No matter the occasion, you will find the perfect piece of art to suit your mood. Now you'll see The Frame reinvent your space as a new art gallery, each and every day. And yes, there’s a dedicated art store curated for your personal art collection from top art galleries around the world. Bring classics and contemporary masterpieces straight to your home.
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You, too, can bring home The Frame and transform your space. QLED panel on Frame has 10 year No screen burnt in warranty All you need to do is head over to Flipkart or & get exciting offers and deals on The Frame TV by Samsung. The price for this wonderful masterpiece starts from Rs 72,990, and you can avail no-cost EMI, amazing cashback offers, and even an exchange offer. We can’t wait—can you?
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