Not just visiting the Louvre! Here are some fun things to do on your trip to Paris

This time of the year, France is unusually beautiful with exquisite sun-kissed beaches, green mountains and clear skies.

France takes a unique approach to summer as it entices travellers with its unfalteringly familiar culture.
With the monsoons just about beginning to wane in India, travellers are already reminiscing their sun-kissed summer holidays. Not wanting to withstand any holiday withdrawal symptoms, the adventurous traveller continues to explore the world and tick various places off his globe.

With different seasons to look forward to all across this part of the world, Paris beckons the jet-setting vacationer to enjoy the summer in Paris, now!

France takes a unique approach to summer as it entices travellers with its unfalteringly familiar culture that is woven around lace-curtained bistros, quaint terrace coffee shops and village-square markets with their daily specials chalked on a board.

This time of the year, France is unusually beautiful with exquisite sun-kissed beaches, green mountains and clear skies, creating absolutely picturesque images that etch themselves into your memories for a lifetime.

Paris, the world's most preferred destination, especially during this time of the year, is painted with the scenic beauty of theme parks and the artistic architecture— from Disneyland to Rodin-Paris Museum. The Mon Eté in Paris guide, produced by the Paris Ile-de-France Regional Tourism Committee and made for tourists enjoying city breaks, offers a selection of signature and festive events, specific to the summer, that brings Paris Ile-de-France to life.

Tourists pose for a picture in the gardens of the Chateau de Versailles (Versailles Palace) in Versailles, near Paris, France. (Image: Reuters)

Pick your favourite from a host of suggestions and make one of the most memorable trips; topping it off with fine wine, food and a culture that permeates through Paris Ile-de-France. The only hard part will be, deciding where to go first.
So watch out for:

A mix of places: From old train stations, warehouses to building roofs, revel in some of the summer favourites to enjoy a nice drink, relax or simply listen to music.

Hit the beaches of Paris: Want to escape to the sea? Every summer, Paris transforms into a beach destination by actually bringing the sand to your feet. Think of cabanas, deckchairs, palm trees and a whole lot of sand and enjoy free evening concerts and more.

Family time: When in Paris, it’s not just about the honeymooners. Spend quality time with the whole family and create a lifetime of memories. Be it visits to the zoological park, or weekend painting classes for kids. Disneyland Paris is a destination in itself and a must visit to anyone going to Paris. Fun things to do also include bicycle tours around the city, visits to the chocolate museum and much, much more.

Culture: Paris is about world-class art and architecture. Apart from The Louvre, there are landmarks that seduce the senses which one can experience by just taking a leisurely walk on the streets of Paris or visiting the many iconic museums.

Visitors enjoy a ride on a sightseeing bus past the Louvre Museum in Paris. (Image: Reuters)

Strolls: A selection of momentary visits all around Paris, flea markets, artistic symphony, musical gardens, majestic great waters and rock climbing

Gardens: The whole world talks about the gardens of Versailles, Fontainebleau or Vaux-le-Vicomte. But Paris has other treasures as well, each with its own history, ranging from the middle ages to period of contemporary art.

Cinema: The land of many film shoots, Paris also hosts a multitude of events related to the silver screen. French cinema is a must experience for any cinema lover

Events: From classical music to rock concerts and more, Paris has it all. Indulge in experiences of a lifetime with the sights and the sounds be it an open-air Rock festival, a striking show of lights in front of a cathedral or even giant fireworks in a classified park

Sports: Witness world renowned sporting events like the World Ski Championships where more than 200 athletes from 35 nations will meet at the Interdepartmental Park of Sports in Paris-Val de Marne, in Choisy-le-Roi

Nightlife: Dance and party all summer, that’s all you need to satisfy your desires in Paris! Clubs like Concrete, Salo, Communion, Badaboum, Rex Club, La Mano, Zig Zag Club are the most famous tourist attractions and party hotspots to satisfy all desires.

Paris is known for its culture that is astounding – both in volume and diversity. This is where the beauty of France lies: from Disneyland to unique clubs and with ample more to thrill. Il-de-France is one such region where millions of visitors flock to every year and all year round, to feast on its extraordinary wealth of museums, galleries, ateliers (artist workshops) and hands-on cultural experiences.

So experience one of the world’s favourite destinations during this season and enjoy all its true summer glory!
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