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This is how much a software engineer can earn in India

The reason the salaries are kept slightly lower is to maintain the cost of advantage and remain profitable.
A Quora post recently answered a question that all of us secretly wanted to know. How much exactly can a software engineer earn in the country? If we had to calculate, what would be the highest salary of a software engineer in India?

After a lot of debate and an unending thread of discussion, here's what people said:
A software architect named Praveen Annu claimed that it was unlikely that anyone who gets their hands dirty with code in India will earn more than Rs 30-35 lakhs per annum.

He stated that product companies, where an engineer is required to write code would be more likely give Rs 30 lakhs per annum, while in service companies, a software engineer can earn anywhere between Rs 15-20 lakhs per annum.

Reasoning why the salaries are kept slightly lower he said,it is to maintain the cost of advantage and remain profitable. Then there are inhouse IT-support companies that recruit people to develop, manage and support their own IT systems. These companies pay around Rs 18 lakhs per annum.

Proving his last point, Sascha Thattil, a software developer stated that software engineers hired at e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart are guaranteed to get a salary that ranges anywhere between Rs 35-50 lakhs per annum. The same goes, for software engineers hired for Google and Microsoft. In some cases, they are even given a salary higher than Rs 50 lakhs as 'cost-saving' is not a priority for these companies, but getting the right talent is.

Thus, it's a given that the highest salaries will be paid by companies like Google, which will not shy away from paying the same kind of salaries, which they pay in the Silicon Valley, which could be around 3.5 crore per year and more.
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