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The 'flying hospital' of France and Italy

​A helping handReuters
​A helping hand
Germany offered to fly patients from across Europe to its own hospitals for treatment; patients were picked up from Italy - Europe’s worst hit region - and France.

In pic: A Bundeswehr handout photo shows their German air force Airbus A-310 'Medivac' before its departure to Bergamo, in Cologne, Germany.
To airlift patients, German force refitted an Airbus A310 with all the necessary medical equipment.
The flight has full size gurneys and beds to ensure patients are safely transported to the hospital.
​Medical equipmentReuters
​Medical equipment
The ‘MedEvac’ has all the necessary equipment required to tend to patients for the duration of the flight, including defibrillators.
The flight was fitted with six intensive care beds and 38 regular beds to make the trip from Italy to Cologne.
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