Mukesh Ambani’s latest disruptor is a Rs 4,000 phone

All conqueringAgencies
All conquering
With over $20 billion dollars worth of investment in his kitty, Reliance head honcho, Mukesh Ambani is taking his Jio plans to the next level and developing the complete package including hardware.
With GoogleAgencies
With Google
Part of the $200 billion kitty is also internet behemoth Google - with an investment of $4.5 billion, and a plan to cooperate on technology, which makes it easier for Jio to get its hands on Android.
Rs 4000 phoneGetty Images
Rs 4000 phone
Leveraging both the money and the partnership from Google, Ambani has asked Indian mobile phone manufacturers to make a version of the Jio phone, which would run on Android and be priced at around $50.
200 million phonesGetty Images
200 million phones
Ambani’s bigger plan? To manufacture over 200 million smartphones over the next couple of years, in effect dominating the budget smartphone market; coupled with cut price offers from Jio, unstoppable.
The next big disruptionAgencies
The next big disruption
Much like he did with telecommunications when he launched Jio’s dirt cheap prices, Ambani could end up reforming India’s smartphone market, simply by forcing manufacturers to come down to his price points.
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