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Five Americans who added billions to their wealth during the era of the Trump presidency

Jeff BezosReuters
Jeff Bezos
Even after Donald Trump’s tirade against the e-commerce giant, Amazon’s stock value since 2016 has soared more than 300%, thus making Jeff Bezos make about $120 billion.
Elon MuskAgencies
Elon Musk
Musk has made about $80 billion since Trump came to power. Bulk of Musk’s money is made from Tesla which is worth an astonishing $400 billion.
Steve BallmerBCCL
Steve Ballmer
The former Microsoft CEO has made about $44 billion on the back of intelligent investments and the rise in value of Microsoft stock.
Mark ZuckerbergAgencies
Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook shares are up 110% since 2016 helping Zuckerberg add nearly $44 billion to his personal wealth, even after attacks on Facebook by both conservatives and liberals.
Dan Gilbert
Dan Gilbert
Gilbert’s Quicken Loans has made him richer by $39 billion after he took the parent company, Rocket Companies public.Trump has called him a ‘great friend’ on more than one occasion.


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