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Covid vaccine: Inching closer to a cure

Vaccine trialsGetty Images
Vaccine trials
This week was a breakthrough for the fight against Covid-19 as drug makers announced encouraging results from their vaccine trial, making the possibility of having a vaccine against SARS-Cov2 a possibility. India vaccine makers too announced that they are on track to launch a vaccine by early 2021. Divya Rajagopal reports on this week’s major developments
Pfizer’s vaccine shows 90% efficacyReuters
Pfizer’s vaccine shows 90% efficacy
US drugmaker Pfizer and its German partner BionTech announced successful results from phase-3 clinical trial of their Covid vaccine. If approved, it would be the fastest vaccine developed in the history of vaccine research.
Sputnik V shows 92% efficacy, says RussiaReuters
Sputnik V shows 92% efficacy, says Russia
The Gamaleya Institute of Infectious Disease, Russia and Russian Development Investment Fund also announced this week that its Covid-19 vaccine Sputnik V has shown 92% efficacy compared to the placebo arm. In India, Dr Reddy’s is the manufacturing partner for RDIF and the phase 2/3 of the vaccine is underway in the country.
Serum Institute Stockpiles 40mn dosesGetty Images
Serum Institute Stockpiles 40mn doses
SII that is developing the Covid-19 vaccine with the help of master seed from AstraZeneca/Oxford (tech transfer) said this week that it has manufactured at risk 40 million doses of the vaccine which it has branded as Covisheild. SII has also started clinical development of its other vaccine candidate that it is developing with US drug maker Novavax.
Moderna gets ahead with its trialsReuters
Moderna gets ahead with its trials
US drug maker Moderna that is developing a Covid vaccine under the messenger RNA (mRNA) platform said, in a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, that its candidate mRNA-1273 induced anti–SARS-CoV-2 immune responses in all participants. It added that no trial-limiting safety concerns were identified.
Genova to start phase 2, 3 trialsGetty Images
Genova to start phase 2, 3 trials
Pune-based Genova that is developing an indigenous mRNAbased Covid vaccine that will go into clinical trial in the next few weeks. A company official said that if trials progress as per schedule, it will present its findings by 2021. (Representative Image)
Curevac shows efficacy for mRNA vaccineReuters
Curevac shows efficacy for mRNA vaccine
Catching up with Pfizer, BionTech and Moderna, another German drugmaker Curevac said that its vaccine candidate has demonstrated 90% efficacy in terms of generating cellular as well as antibody response according to its phase 1, 2 data. The two-dose vaccine will now proceed to phase-3 trials.


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